An Ode to (Good) Sports Writing

Killian Down What’s something everyone around you knows you’re obsessed with and why? Someone once described Mancunian band Elbow’s album, The Take Off and Landing of Everything, as an epic of the everyday, a romance of the real. It was an allusion to lyrics which draw on reserves of emotion usually saved for grand romance, but spill out in Guy Garvey’s gentle drawl and find … Continue reading An Ode to (Good) Sports Writing

Rugby World Cup Diary: Part One

Words: Killian Down During the summer of 1994, an unruly mob of whiskey-slicked Irish soccer fans were unloaded onto American soil to bear witness to one of Ireland’s rare forays into the World Cup. Joining them was a member of the O’Connor clan of Glenageary, Dublin, a family best-known for producing the enigmatic Sinéad. It was not however Sinéad who was sent to chronicle the … Continue reading Rugby World Cup Diary: Part One

Kings or Queens of Sport?

Motley’s Eoin McSweeney speaks to Sharon Hutchinson, creator of, about the lack of sporting media coverage for women. The Russian had her hand raised to the sky, defiant and brash, her gaze locked on the boisterous crowd in front her. Katie Taylor stands on the other side of the referee, exhausted and sweating, but defeated? No. After an anxious wait, the referee raises the … Continue reading Kings or Queens of Sport?

Interview: GEORGE HOOK

Motley’s Eoin McSweeney speaks to George Hook about the new positive discrimination rule regarding South African rugby and the wider implications that it entails for country and continent. “I dream of the realization of the unity of Africa, whereby its leaders combine in their efforts to solve the problems of this continent. I dream of our vast deserts, of our forests, of all our great … Continue reading Interview: GEORGE HOOK