Editorial: So I’ve Been Publicly Censored

Words: Ellen Desmond In light of the recent campus referendum on the 8th amendment, I had intended to write this editorial about abortion rights, but apparently that’s not festive enough for December. Instead, I’m going to talk about something that is festive enough for December; Starbucks cups. “Cupgate 2015” is the current global crisis (the only one festive enough to discuss, apparently). The coffee cups … Continue reading Editorial: So I’ve Been Publicly Censored

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cups

Leah Driscoll discusses what could be the biggest first world problem of this season. Is it minimalist? Is it political correctness? Is it a war waged against Christians? No, this year’s festive Starbucks coffee cup design is none of these things. It is just lazy. Certain traditions in the run up to Christmas are treasured by anyone in possession of the faintest hint of festive … Continue reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cups

Opera Lane Winter Preview

Claire Fox reports live from a coveted front row seat at Cork Fashion Week’s closing event, ‘Shine Bright’, Opera Lane’s Winter preview. The elite of Cork’s fashion community, including bloggers, writers and photographers gathered in the unique location of Perry Street Café last night to attend the final event of Cork Fashion Week 2015, ‘Shine Bright.’ The event previewed the extensive winter Opera Lane is … Continue reading Opera Lane Winter Preview

The Starbucks Invasion

Maria Hennigan explains why it’s not just all fun and Starbucks   “What the …?” my girlfriend yells as she steers us through traffic on Patrick Street. “When did this get here?” Her tone is disgusted; I prepare for the worst. She is pointing at the shop fronts but I can’t see anything out of order. “What?” I ask. “Another Starbucks!” And now I see … Continue reading The Starbucks Invasion