Shattering the Illusion

Chloe Harte discusses the less glamorous side of an Erasmus. As members of the ‘Instagram generation’ we have been subconsciously imbued with a romanticised perception of living abroad; in other words, we’ve given ourselves ‘notions’. Social media led me to expect that Erasmus would find me an instant circle of multicultural friends, a pint of Orchard Thieves in every city in Europe, and the sudden … Continue reading Shattering the Illusion

Pure Gold: Student claims the impossible

While the best of us struggle to put down a golden week, Leah Driscoll investigates rumors of completed golden years… Reports of what some are calling ‘UCC’s Golden Boy’ have been circulating campus in recent weeks. Motley can now exclusively confirm the existence of a UCC student with two straight years of perfect attendance. The suspect in question, who has yet to undergo forensic testing to … Continue reading Pure Gold: Student claims the impossible

SU President Election Q&A

Candidates for this Year’s SU Presidential Race recently sat down with Eoin McSweeney to talk manifestos and election promises George Gill Q: So you’ve mentioned in your manifesto an SU lottery. Do you think that students will have the money to participate in this? Well the tickets could be as low as a euro or two. I think that this being the price of a Mars Bar or … Continue reading SU President Election Q&A

Direct Provision

Laura Cashman speaks to a resident of the Kinsale Road Accomodation Centre about the reality of living in Direct Provision in Ireland The history of Direct Provision in Ireland is a short one. Increased inwards migration in the 90s meant the government had to adopt policies in accordance with this. In 1999, the Direct Provision system was introduced on a pilot basis. It was legalised … Continue reading Direct Provision

A Perk Too Far

Motley takes a quick look at the latest perk being offered to employees of the world’s biggest multinational corporations With new age technologies comes new age businesses, renowned worldwide for their quirky interiors, young and eccentric work forces and of course, the ‘perks.’ But in recent weeks, these perks have reached the level where they are beginning to be questioned by the general public. This … Continue reading A Perk Too Far