Rococo Renaissance

By Lara Quinn The recent Dolce and Gabbana runway story, christened ‘Fashion Devotion’, forged new life for the fashion world this season. The looks fused contemporary crazes with artistic ideals of the Baroque era in a matrimony that can only be regarded as something of a Rococo Renaissance.  Echoing the genesis of the 15th century renaissance, the dynamic duo behind the brand delivered a runway … Continue reading Rococo Renaissance

Departures & Arrivals: The Phenomenon of Airport Style

Words: Rachel Muckley Back in the 50s and 60s, the hoarding of crowds at airports to see the imminent arrival of the likes of Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles and Twiggy was a glorious event, one which had its own way of capturing the glamour and buzz of an awards ceremony and despite being an accessible, mundane occurrence. Nowadays the crowds have lessened, the frantic disposition … Continue reading Departures & Arrivals: The Phenomenon of Airport Style

A/W 2015: MakeUp Trends Edit

Jennifer Shanahan compiles a guide of this season’s new makeup looks Lips Autumn/winter makeup is associated with darker shades, often reds and browns, along with plum and berry tones. This is an obvious departure to the more natural colours we often gravitate towards in the spring and summer months. The seasonal transition is often most clearly seen in the changing trends in lip colour, and … Continue reading A/W 2015: MakeUp Trends Edit

Never Go Out Of Style

Orla Ahern discusses why it’s best to unfollow trends and start looking at your own style (Hint: It can lead to total personal success.) “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” – Oscar Wilde. For many, fashion, as a point of authority, has no great influence in day-to-day life or general aspirations. For others, fashion … Continue reading Never Go Out Of Style

The Power of Celebrity: Talent vs. Style  

Words: Rachel Muckley People rise to fame in all sorts of ways. Some creep up on world media without us ever realising, while others struggle though minor successes for years until they make it. Interestingly, the concept of fame is constantly broadening, so that one can call themselves a celebrity for almost any reason. However we do, and we always have, synced up the celeb … Continue reading The Power of Celebrity: Talent vs. Style