Five Sustainable Beauty Swaps to Change Up your Self-Care Routine

by Grace Claro Let’s face it, sometimes being a responsible consumer can be hard. It can seem like every bottle of shower gel and shampoo is promoting its eco-friendly attributes. From “recyclable packaging” to “palm free,” to “plant-based cleansers,” cosmetics companies are using the language of sustainability as an attractive sales stimuli. But how can […]

A Week in my Wardrobe

Opening up my wardrobe publicly for a week is admittedly daunting, and a pressure which I’m certain is familiar to most. No longer do we fear the eyes of others judging whether our outfit choices are trendy enough, expensive enough, fashionable enough – we now face ethical dilemmas.It is so fitting that the first issue […]

A Week in My Wardrobe: Responsible Edit

      I’m sick of hearing the world ‘sustainability.’ I wonder as someone who not only works in fashion but, more simply, has Instagram and Twitter accounts, if it actually means anything.The conversation is not always welcoming. The conversation is not always comprehensive. The conversation is not always a conversation.   Responsibility, however, that […]

Inside House of Kerry

  Grace Claro interviews Christine O’Donoghue de Vries, a former UCC Law graduate turned award winning sustainable artist designer and the woman behind House of Kerry   For this month’s issue, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kerry based artist and award-winning designer Christine O’Donoghue de Vries. She is the creator of House of […]

Sustainable Fashion has a Size Problem

  Laura O’Sullivan writes about her experience as a young plus-sized woman attempting to buy into the second-hand renaissance and the difficulty it poses.  I hate shopping.  The meaning of ‘let’s go in town for a sconce’ once meant a bop down Opera Lane, an overwhelming half an hour in Penney’s and a quick run […]

The True Cost

  Richard Kelly exposes the consequences of our relationship with clothing consumption and what we can do to change them before it’s too late. Have you ever asked ‘how do our fashion choices affect the planet? Are we subconsciously doing more damage than good by way of our clothing consumption?’ Unfortunately, the answer seems to […]