Something a Little Bit Different

Eoghan Scott sits down for a quick catch up with The Academic, before they perform at UCC’s RAG Week. “We love playing Cork, especially Cyprus Avenue. We’ve always had great shows there – the crowds are always crazy, so I’m looking forward to more of the same in a few weeks’ time!” So says Dean Gavin, drummer of fast-rising Mullingar band The Academic. The Cyprus … Continue reading Something a Little Bit Different

Interview: The Academic Epidemic

Claire Fox chats with Craig Fitzpatrick from band of the moment, The Academic, before they bid farewell to their Autumn tour in Cyprus Avenue tomorrow. While many Louis Walsh bands are carved and polished through gruelling audition processes, some of Ireland’s greatest bands have been formed in the depths of dusty garages or underneath the rooves of moss covered garden sheds. School boy prodigies U2 … Continue reading Interview: The Academic Epidemic