So flippin’ French

Chloe Harte Stinky cheese, chic fashion and noir cinema: the ’30 seconds’ game description of France. However, does a stereotype detract from the value of a culture or does it merely serve as a signpost for navigating an unknown land? Gastronomically speaking, France stands up to every imaginable stereotype: mountains of cheese, fresh baguettes and the waft of croissant pastry tickling the taste buds of … Continue reading So flippin’ French

Tomislav Perko: Around the World in 1000 Days

Leah Driscoll chats with Tomislav Perko, author of 1000 Days of Spring, about his experience packing up and living a life of travel. Picture this: you’re a high-flying stockbroker. You’re only in your early twenties, yet things have already worked out pretty well for you. Your idea of a uniform is a suit and tie, and you’re making a delightful amount of money as you … Continue reading Tomislav Perko: Around the World in 1000 Days

Top Ten Tips for Summer Interrailing

Words: Adam Mulcahy We’re now over half way through semester one and I am definitely not the only one thinking about summer. Maybe you have looked into J1s but had no luck in getting a job? Not up for getting legless every night somewhere in Greece? Short on cash so you can’t afford to go away for the full summer because you have to work? … Continue reading Top Ten Tips for Summer Interrailing

Crossing the Camino

Hannah Kingston reflects on her time spent on the Camino De Santiago, a 791 km pilgrimage from the Pyrenees to Galicia. When you envision a cheap holiday, you think about booze cruises, scarily inexpensive alcohol and crisping skin by a pool that has too much chlorine in it. Holidays should be about fleeing the daily grind and escaping into a totally different routine and culture. … Continue reading Crossing the Camino


Ellen Desmond reviews Amsterdam’s innovative and powerful ‘Munch | Van Gogh’ exhibition. Masquerading as an art snob on a student budget is no easy task, but where there’s a will there’s always a way. Ryanair’s €14.99 flights to Amsterdam couldn’t have landed at a better time. The famous Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands’ capital city hosts the largest permanent collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s … Continue reading FIRE AND EMBERS