Trump’s 2020 chances: a Lie or a Landslide?

  Molly Kavanagh looks at the odds of a second term for America’s 45th President, preparing us for the fact that if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.   The United States 2020 presidential election is less than one year away. The general consensus one year prior to the 2016 election was that Donald Trump would never be the Republican nominee. … Continue reading Trump’s 2020 chances: a Lie or a Landslide?

Ain’t that a Peach – have the Democrats made a mistake?

  Matthew Moynihan evaluates the consequences of the impeachment of President Donald Trump for the Democratic party and the campaign of Joe Biden – are they playing a losing game?   On September 24th, amidst a suitably muted and sombre press briefing in Washington D.C. out strode House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to deliver some of the most consequential political rhetoric in modern American history: “The … Continue reading Ain’t that a Peach – have the Democrats made a mistake?

Trigger Happy – Gun Culture in Trump’s America

In the aftermath of recent mass shootings in the US, Maeve McTaggart explores why America is still holding onto guns. A painting of George Washington, a Founding Father of the United States, belittled the nation’s 45th President as he delivered a press conference before the portrait on Monday August 5th. “My fellow Americans, this morning, [we are] overcome with shock, horror, and sorrow,” he said, … Continue reading Trigger Happy – Gun Culture in Trump’s America

From Globalization to Insularity

Deputy Current Affairs Editor Aditi Udayabhaskar examines an increasingly insular – and fragile – world 2016 was a milestone for human progress – in all the wrong ways. America, a beacon of hope for unity and universal acceptance of race, creed, colour and religion, witnessed the election of President Trump, as the entire world watched on in shock and disbelief. The United Kingdom, once the … Continue reading From Globalization to Insularity

Trump: A Biography Built With Brick and Mortar

In the lead up to the presidential inauguration Luke Holmes documents the life of President-Elect Trump. It would be true to say that you cannot go anywhere without hearing the name Donald Trump. The man who was elected by the United States of America to be their 45th President and the first republican in the White House since George Bush.  We seem to have grown … Continue reading Trump: A Biography Built With Brick and Mortar

Portrait of a New America

Let’s paint a picture of Trump’s America…. Máirín-Rua Ní Aodha illustrates the limbo period between President-Elect Trump and President Trump. Donald trump shocked the world by securing victory as president-elect on the 8th of November. He has not left the headlines since his surprise win and is the subject of endless discussion, not least because he continues the global trend of unpredicted right wing victories. He … Continue reading Portrait of a New America