Leaving Cert 2020

The unique experience of the Leaving Certificate class of 2020 culminated yesterday morning, 6th September, as they became the first group of students to have received Calculated Grades without having sat State Examinations. The Calculated Grades system worked based on a teacher’s estimate of how a student would perform in the examination. After these grades were determined, this data was sent to the Department of … Continue reading Leaving Cert 2020

Not So Quietly and Peacefully: What’s Happening in Belarus

Current Affairs Editor Alana Daly Mulligan looks at the political upheaval unfolding in Belarus as a result of Sunday’s election.  Tuesday, 11th August, at 5 pm: My mind is anywhere except in the real world, but that’s about to change rapidly.   *Ping*  I look at my phone and open the message.  Them: “Sorry for the pause, Armageddon is going on in my country. The government … Continue reading Not So Quietly and Peacefully: What’s Happening in Belarus

Purposeless, Voiceless and Expressionless: An Indirect Impact of Covid-19

    Imagine you are standing in a room. A very small windowless room that, despite the plush sofa and painting of a flower, is a far cry from a comfortable room because comfort implies pleasantness and relaxation. The room you are in is tense, tight and torrid. You stand as close to the wall as you can, moulding your body into the corner where … Continue reading Purposeless, Voiceless and Expressionless: An Indirect Impact of Covid-19

Yemen Crisis 2020:  A Plea for Humanity

  Close your eyes and imagine this with me. You’re in the middle of a rather run-down street surrounded by desert. It’s crowded. Those around you are weary, showing signs of malnourishment and starvation. Children with visible ribs and protruding abdomens shuffle past you. Masks, like breathing, have become a luxury. You soon reach a hospital. It’s small with just two beds and minimal facilities. … Continue reading Yemen Crisis 2020:  A Plea for Humanity

Life After College

Life After College by Julianne Power   The big wide world – it’s a scary place, isn’t it?  Especially if you are a real-life grown up, something I regret to say I must soon become.  College life seems like the perfect bubble between growing-up and staying forever young – one gains independence, grows as an individual, learns a whole plethora of new things, but still retains … Continue reading Life After College

Taking the Power Back

  “Taking the Power Back:” The Responsibility of the Rock and Metal Community to Ensure Solidarity With the BLM Movement.  Motley’s Emer Walsh takes a hard look at race in the hard rock community. The Rock and Metal Community has always acted as a safe space for those dealing with frustration; personal, public or political. The genre, thanks to Rage Against The Machine, the Sex … Continue reading Taking the Power Back