Societies Spotlight: December

Will AI be the next Religion?

  Célio Fioretti looks at the implications of AI on our faith systems and the implications of such.  With respectively 2.2 billion and 1.8 billion followers, Christianity and Islam are the two biggest religions in the world. Yet, the number of non-believers continues to grow in the West and are now the third biggest group […]

The Sky is Not the Limit: Why we need to continue researching space amidst global catastrophe

    The 21st century, with all its progress in science and technology has enabled us to reach Mars, develop Artificial Intelligence and so much more….Yet, a single virus brings us to a complete standstill in a few weeks? Shivika Marwaha discusses if there should be changes in priorities for science and research in future.  […]

November Societies Spotlight

Societies Spotlight

Wellness on a Budget: Affordable Mental Health Resources in Cork City

UCC Counselling  UCC provides up to six free counseling sessions for students, and you can make an appointment by emailing This service is entirely free of charge and conveniently located on UCC’s main campus- the only factors to take into consideration are the fact that the wait times can occasionally be quite long due […]