UCC vs ESB: A micro examination of Climate Change

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the ESB’s negligence to UCC regarding the 2009 floods that summer, Motley’s Current Affairs Staff Writer Brendan O’Grady examines the case as a clear example of the climate change our world is facing, right on the banks of our very own own river.  Climate change is edging its way […]

Climate emergency, is it finally time?

Ramya Baskaran discusses the climate emergency and how seriously we should be taking it.  It’s a common consensus that our world needs help. Mother Nature is in distress. She needs her children to understand this and act upon the climate emergency.  Is it finally time?  The climate emergency is different from climate change. Climate change […]

No Airs, just Grace: MEP Grace O’Sullivan’s meteoric rise as a leading force for activist politics in Europe.

Current Affairs Editor Alana Daly Mulligan talks to MEP Grace O’Sullivan about Food Security, Brexit, the oceans and youth engagement with politics.  Grace O’Sullivan is somewhat of a local celebrity in Tramore, Co. Waterford. Starting at 21 as an environmentalist with Greenpeace, she’s travelled the world protecting the planet, been deported from Haiti (among other […]

Funny & Fabulous – Motley Speaks to Kevin & PJ of the “I’m Grand Mam” Podcast

Rebeckah McCarthy speaks to the effervescent duo Kevin and PJ of the “I’m Grand Mam” podcast about living it large in London, gaining a cult following and how podcasters as influencers have a duty to use their platform to call for greater eco-consciousness.  I’m Grand Mam is a podcast that was created by two fabulous […]

California Burning – Climate Change and the US Presidential Election

As the United States lunges into debate season ahead of its presidential election on 3nd November, International Affairs writer John Hunter discusses the sea change of American thought and public opinion on the issue of climate change.  It was during a heatwave when the lightning struck. This triggered the latest burning of California State which, […]

Leave No Trace

In collaboration with Motley photographers Diego Leon, Rebecca Dineen, and Carly Fitzgerald, Fashion Editor Grace Claro brings you Motley’s very own socially distanced photoshoot.