Taking the Power Back

  “Taking the Power Back:” The Responsibility of the Rock and Metal Community to Ensure Solidarity With the BLM Movement.  Motley’s Emer Walsh takes a hard look at race in the hard rock community. The Rock and Metal Community has always acted as a safe space for those dealing with frustration; personal, public or political. The genre, thanks to Rage Against The Machine, the Sex … Continue reading Taking the Power Back


    Molly Kavanagh tries to answer the question whichMolly Kavanagh the media has been trying to answer since the tragic death of NBA star and beloved sportsperson Kobe Bryant. It is a conversation which arrives after we lose many of our most beloved celebrities – if not to us, they always are to others – can we separate them from their secrets? Kobe Bryant, … Continue reading TALKING THROUGH OUR GRIEF – IS THERE A RIGHT WAY TO DEAL WITH CELEBRITY DEATHS?

The Unmarketables: A Horror Renaissance

    Staff Writer Kane Geary O’Keeffe writes about a new wave of horror films that feature terrors that range far beyond the classic jumpscare, and discusses Hollywood’s inability to adequately market this subgenre.    Like it or not, horror has moved beyond the jump scare, and I believe we are in the midst of a much needed horror renaissance. Horror has always reflected the … Continue reading The Unmarketables: A Horror Renaissance


Sandcastles – Tony O’Halloran I dunked you beneath the waves and laughed as you threatened retribution.  We were the couple sharing a sunny secret, cooked vegetarian lasagna, assembled flatpack without a single fight, found each other under that tree. Beneath your sheets I came to wonder what it all could be.  You asked me to write so I wrote for you, inspired by American Townlands  … Continue reading Sandcastles

What You’d Expect From The Worst Of Twitter: Persona 5

Persona 5’s problem? Cyberbullying, writes Warren Daly   Persona 5 confuses me. Or more accurately, its reputation confuses me. Imagine if you were to wake up in a world where Ant-Man was not only considered the one of best super-hero movies but also one of the greatest movies ever. It’s a seven out of ten at best, but for some reason everyone hails it as … Continue reading What You’d Expect From The Worst Of Twitter: Persona 5

The Not So Lonely Planet

The Not-So-Lonely Planet: Sh*t-throwing flying monkeys… There’s no place like home   Alana Daly Mulligan talks us through the rough last few months of her Erasmus, and why she decided to return home.  EDITORS WARNING: this piece references topics like depression and self-harm.   I’ve always loved The Wizard of Oz. I read the books and watched the film so much that it’s probably imprinted … Continue reading The Not So Lonely Planet