Societies Spotlight (October)

  Welcome! Hi everyone! A huge welcome to the first Societies Spotlight. My name is Kayla Maher and I’m the Societies President for the year. We have 106 societies here in UCC so be sure to check out our societies list on our website and our social media! With really diverse societies, there’s definitely something […]

Budget 17: What It Means For Students

Jennifer Lynch caught up with Annie Hoey , president of The Union of Students in Ireland to get her thoughts on the Budget. Richard Bruton claims he wants to make Ireland the best education and training service in Europe. If this is true then why are this government consistently turning their back on students and […]

University Rankings: A broken promise to Irish Students?

DEPUTY EDITOR OF CURRENT AFFAIRS FIONA HUGHES DISCUSSES THE RECENT FALL OF IRISH UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD RANKINGS AND OUTLINES THE EFFECT ON STUDENTS “It is hard to imagine that the quality of education and the opportunities received from it would not reflect the work put in by us as students. However, that is looking […]

The Cassells Report; A clear solution to the problem of Third Level Funding?

Fiona Hughes spoke with USI President Annie Hoey about what Cassells Report means and how it effects UCC students. Since the economic crisis, state funding for Third Level Education has dropped from 84% to 64%. Although the majority are making ends meet, at least five colleges are now running deficits and are in danger of […]

Inside the Student Hub

Colm Cahalane documents exciting and promising developments with UCC’s newest building. In previous articles for Motley Magazine, I’ve spoken about a lack of resources available to students for access to creative spaces and in access to IT services. With the construction of the new Student Hub, UCC hopes to be able to resolve a few […]

Albania Serbia Game

Following the recent clashes between Serbia and Albania in a European Championships Qualifier, Motley’s Killian Down examines the relationship between politics and sport There are few sights more innocent in a world so lacking in the benign than that of a child at play. There is a simple beauty in their hyena-like shrieks of laughter […]