No Airs, just Grace: MEP Grace O’Sullivan’s meteoric rise as a leading force for activist politics in Europe.

Current Affairs Editor Alana Daly Mulligan talks to MEP Grace O’Sullivan about Food Security, Brexit, the oceans and youth engagement with politics.  Grace O’Sullivan is somewhat of a local celebrity in Tramore, Co. Waterford. Starting at 21 as an environmentalist with Greenpeace, she’s travelled the world protecting the planet, been deported from Haiti (among other […]

California Burning – Climate Change and the US Presidential Election

As the United States lunges into debate season ahead of its presidential election on 3nd November, International Affairs writer John Hunter discusses the sea change of American thought and public opinion on the issue of climate change.  It was during a heatwave when the lightning struck. This triggered the latest burning of California State which, […]

The Environment of Coronavirus

With the world grinding to a sudden halt in March 2020, as a world we’ve had to reflect on the damage we’ve been doing to our environment and further, to ourselves. Moira Brennan discusses some of the international impacts the virus has had on the environment.  2020 will be documented extensively in history books and […]

This is an open letter to incoming and returning students, 2015.

Anonymous Having spent most of the summer in (a very quiet) UCC, it is great to see the campus coming back to life with students beginning and continuing their studies. As an outgoing student, I feel as though I have a responsibility to help ensure your time here will be as positive as possible. I […]