The Idealisation of the American Dream

We all love a good story about the underprivileged kid that made it big. The child that grew up poor, worked hard through school, defied all obstacles, got that college scholarship, worked some more, and got their dream job in the big city. 
That in a nutshell is called the American dream…

California Burning – Climate Change and the US Presidential Election

As the United States lunges into debate season ahead of its presidential election on 3nd November, International Affairs writer John Hunter discusses the sea change of American thought and public opinion on the issue of climate change.  It was during a heatwave when the lightning struck. This triggered the latest burning of California State which, […]

Portrait of a New America

Let’s paint a picture of Trump’s America…. Máirín-Rua Ní Aodha illustrates the limbo period between President-Elect Trump and President Trump. Donald trump shocked the world by securing victory as president-elect on the 8th of November. He has not left the headlines since his surprise win and is the subject of endless discussion, not least because he […]

RNC: #Trump2016 Takes Centre Stage

Ryan O’Neill reports on the haphazard and theatrical Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The astonishing rise of “Donald Trump – The Politician” broke new ground last week. At the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio the oft-quoted “presumptive” GOP nominee moniker officially became that of confirmed nominee. Hillary-hating, tales of humble cornfield beginnings and […]