Sustainable Fashion has a Size Problem

  Laura O’Sullivan writes about her experience as a young plus-sized woman attempting to buy into the second-hand renaissance and the difficulty it poses.  I hate shopping.  The meaning of ‘let’s go in town for a sconce’ once meant a bop down Opera Lane, an overwhelming half an hour in Penney’s and a quick run around the make-up counters of Brown Thomas. This, as a … Continue reading Sustainable Fashion has a Size Problem

1960s Trends

HERE ARE FIVE TRENDS FROM THE SWINGIN’ SIXTIES THAT MOTLEY’S JACQUELINE MURPHY JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF   With every season that comes and goes, we witness the rebirth of trends from many different decades and eras. There is a feeling that fashion of the 1960s will never really become “out-dated,” as it showed, with regards to all other decades from the 20th century, the … Continue reading 1960s Trends

The Golden Age of Vintage

Nicole Clinton explores the present preoccupation with fashion of the past. These days it seems almost impossible to walk into a clothes shop and pick out a trend that the modern world has never seen before. Between the designers who showcase looks that are heavily influenced by styles from previous decades and the recent popularisation of the ordinary person’s acquiring of genuine ‘vintage’ attire, it … Continue reading The Golden Age of Vintage

Vintage Vibes

Rachel Muckley discusses vintage vlogging and its influences on much more than just fashion The year may not be 1942 but that hasn’t stopped the ladies who YouTube in the most glorious way possible – delivering authentic vintage beauty tutorials – from living it up like Grace Kelly is the current style icon and Teddy Roosevelt is still the US President. Every inch the pin-up … Continue reading Vintage Vibes