Are you living the ‘College Dream’?

The stereotype based around the ‘college dream’ is one that has been spoken about  and challenged by students for many years in Ireland. Now that I have you thinking, I want  you to ask yourself; What is the college dream? As a young adult in the last two years of your  secondary school education, you […]

Mental Health and Party Drugs: What You Need to Know

As part of Motley’s issue on drugs, we conducted a survey where we asked students to share their experiences with party drugs in relation to their mental health. Here’s some important things to know about doing drugs and minding your mental health.    Alcohol: Alcohol is a depressant, meaning it slows down the functions of […]

A Student’s Guide to Sexual Health

Thanks to Ireland’s most toxic couple, intergenerational religious trauma and deep-rooted misogyny, sexual health and safety is a topic that is seldom touched by the Irish secondary-school curriculum. College is an environment where a lot of sexually repressed young adults are converging to experiment with their sexualities together, and it’s important that we compensate for […]

Are Depression Memes Doing Us More Harm than Good?

One of my new year’s resolutions for this year is to break out of the habit of engaging with mental illness jokes or ‘depression memes’ on Twitter. We’ve been using dark and self-deprecating humour to cope with life’s difficulties for years, and even as a teenager I’d jokingly say “I want to die,” or “Kill […]

The Power of Yoga! Or, Stretching is Good for You

Grace Claro discusses the benefits of yoga for strung-out students during exam season Stressed and sore. Two words which pretty much sum up how my mental and physical state was this time last year.  In the depths of winter, juggling final year assignments and working weekends at home, I felt completely zapped of all my […]

Wellness on a Budget: Affordable Mental Health Resources in Cork City

UCC Counselling  UCC provides up to six free counseling sessions for students, and you can make an appointment by emailing This service is entirely free of charge and conveniently located on UCC’s main campus- the only factors to take into consideration are the fact that the wait times can occasionally be quite long due […]