Repeal the 8th

Rebecca Stone discusses the consequences of the 8th Amendment. As we are all well aware, the topic of abortion and its legality in Ireland has been a centre of controversy and contention for the last several years. Currently, the 8th Amendment equates the life of the unborn foetus with that of the pregnant woman or person. This legislation has caused many problems for the people … Continue reading Repeal the 8th

The “F-word”

By Sadhbh Sullivan Venturing into adulthood in a 21st century Ireland is accompanied by a multitude of opportunities and experiences. We are living in an age of “acceptance”, and a state that has become known worldwide for social tolerance, ranking in the top ten of the world’s most tolerant countries in a Movehubs survey carried out earlier this year.  Renowned as a diverse nation, we … Continue reading The “F-word”

Kings or Queens of Sport?

Motley’s Eoin McSweeney speaks to Sharon Hutchinson, creator of, about the lack of sporting media coverage for women. The Russian had her hand raised to the sky, defiant and brash, her gaze locked on the boisterous crowd in front her. Katie Taylor stands on the other side of the referee, exhausted and sweating, but defeated? No. After an anxious wait, the referee raises the … Continue reading Kings or Queens of Sport?