Yemen Crisis 2020:  A Plea for Humanity

  Close your eyes and imagine this with me. You’re in the middle of a rather run-down street surrounded by desert. It’s crowded. Those around you are weary, showing signs of malnourishment and starvation. Children with visible ribs and protruding abdomens shuffle past you. Masks, like breathing, have become a luxury. You soon reach a hospital. It’s small with just two beds and minimal facilities. … Continue reading Yemen Crisis 2020:  A Plea for Humanity

Yemen: A war overshadowed

Luke Holmes clears the mist on the overshadowed war currently occuring in Yemen. Doctors Without Borders announced that it was withdrawing from 6 hospitals in Northern Yemen due to the fact that they claimed Saudi Arabia were carrying out what they called “indiscriminate bombings”. The conflict in Yemen arose in March of 2015 when Houti rebels, loyal to Hussein Badreddin al-Houti who was killed by … Continue reading Yemen: A war overshadowed