The Christmas Trees Really Aren’t Greener On The Other Side | Ashleigh Hayman

Everyone and his mother are leaving the country (excuse the clichéd phrasing). Sure, what would be keeping you here at all? Well, from someone that has seen more than one festive season abroad, if Ireland does one thing well – it’s Christmas.



Granted, the sun may seem like some distant treasure. However, before we all rush off towards it like lemmings off a cliff (again I apologise), be warned Christmas isn’t the same in 30 degrees. Now before you write me off as crazy, I love the feel of the frostbite wearing off as much as the next person. However:

  • Barbeque is no replacement for a nice roast turkey/ham/chicken.
  • Palm Trees and cacti don’t hold on to decorations quite as nicely as your Christmas tree at home.
  • Festive bikinis/trunks are much harder to come by than Christmas jumpers; god forbid anyone would put a Santa hat on their head in that heat.
  • You can’t sit around the fire watching The Santa Clause/Harry Potter/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.



So you think, ‘Ski holiday will surely work.’ But:

  • Any Christmas movie that is on is likely to be in a language you don’t understand.
  • There are no distant cousins to bring you tins of Roses.
  • Worst of all, you choose to go somewhere that doesn’t celebrate Christmas and their idea of a ‘Christmas Dinner’ is a bread roll with some cucumber and salami… (Yes that one is a true battle wound)


thanksgiving_dinner__full__fullMy recommendation? Save your money and stay put here in Ireland. Where else will you get mammy’s full spread Turkey dinner, or throw yourself (scantily clad in Christmas hat and speedo) head first into the icy sea? Or spend hours watching the old favourites on RTÉ, chocolate in hand – waiting on Aunty Mary to arrive with another tin once all the good ones are gone. You certainly won’t get the same atmosphere in the pub in Switzerland come St. Stephens night and you’ll miss the chance to show off your outfit in mass on Christmas morning. Sure, we might even get Crosby’s white Christmas, and who doesn’t want a snowman in their driveway.


Believe me, the Sun holidays/Ski Trips will last until the New Year.