Love/Hate’s popularity has appeared to increase dramatically since the third series of RTÉ’s gritty drama began in November. Having watched it from the beginning, it appears to be one of RTÉ’s finest works. However, I couldn’t help but notice that Love/Hate has become very intense the last couple weeks and it has turned many of us into frankly, nervous wrecks. Here is a look on the lighter issues that have cropped up recently.


Dead Birds

The killing of birds has become a dark, recurring theme in Love/Hate. What did our feathered friends ever do? The standard ‘No animals were harmed in the making of this episode’ gets thrown out at the end credits, but this just is not convincing. Just when we finished mourning the brutal murder of the swan in series two, they drop a double bombshell on us in the shape of a dead budgie and several deceased pigeons. The bird death count just keeps on rising and it is distressing. I mean, a swan for Christ sake; apart from the well known fact that the slender necked assassin can break a man’s arm, they are such beautiful, gracious creatures. This heinous animal crime is like the real-life equivalent of shooting a unicorn. Having been viciously attacked, Jurassic Park-style by a rogue chicken as a young lad, I can see where the writers are coming from. Perhaps they had a similar traumatic experience.


Fran LoveHate

Fran’s name.

The majority of Love/Hate’s male characters have proper, intimidating nicknames. Take Damo, Nidge and John-boy for example: these are all names that would put the fear of God into any man. Then there is Fran.

It couldn’t sound less threatening. Luckily, Fran compensates for his unfortunately tame name by being a raging psychopath. When the lunatic is not grinding up against anything with a pulse after a few pints, he resides on a farm with only his blood thirsty hounds for company. Can’t understand why a man who has this land plus a JCB digger still lives in a shitty little caravan, but I wouldn’t say this to his face.



Darren’s wardrobe

Robert Sheehan’s character, Darren Treacy has literally worn the exact same outfit the entire third series. It isn’t the TV series 24, Love/Hate is spread over a considerable longer time period. Girls have taken to social media to vent their love for Dazzler in recent weeks; but have they realised that the character they adore either has severe hygiene problems or is a cartoon character trapped in inner city Dublin who has hundreds of the same outfit?


Drink Tolerance

nidge-face-630x373Another incredible fact which struck me is the amount of pints the male characters in Love/Hate can consume and still appear to be reasonably functional on a night out. Granted, there have been a couple minor slip ups along the way. Hurling a bomb at a pub owned by the IRA might not have been the most subtle or tactical of moves. Arguably dropping a keg on a man’s head was a poor judgement too, but the majority of the time they seem to handle their drink remarkably well. This especially applies to Nidge, the schizophrenic leader of the gang. One minute he has downed a barrel of booze, the next he is driving around, going through Garda checkpoints no questions asked. The real test would be to see how he would fare getting into Havanas after that amount.

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