Deputy Entertainment Editor Cathal Donovan O’Neill presents you with the five best gigs of the week taking place right here in Cork.


Welcome to the first instalment of the Motley Gig Guide, where every Sunday/Monday I deliver the five hottest gigs this week straight to your screen. Cork’s music scene is class right now, pulling great acts from all over the country and beyond. The people are lovely, the bands are fantastic, great craic for a night out all around. Stay tuned to Motley magazine for more in-depth coverage of the music herelet’s get down to it!



brand new friend 

Winthrop Avenue, 7:30pm

This skater/slacker-rock band are inaugurating Cyprus Avenue’s new sister venue. Burning rubber on a four-day tour across the country, brand new friend are a Northern quintet with a decidedly 90’s feel. Recommended for fans of Blink-182 or RAT BOY.

Tickets cost €8. More information on the Facebook events page,

(Photo Credit: Betsy Bailie)


The Analogs & Farben Lehre

Crane Lane Theatre, 8pm

Motley Qwik Facts: The sky is blue, the devil built the ORB, Polish rock kicks ass. Analogs goes towards punk, Farben Lehre rock with a bit of ska. Both acts have extensive experience with touring and pride themselves on a dynamic gig. Tickets are on the pricy side compared to some of the other stuff here but well worth a look.

Tickets for €25 through Ticketsolve, €35 at the door. More info at



Yenkee/Meghan Murray/Ghostking Is Dead – GIG OF THE WEEK!

plugd (upstairs @ The Roundy), 8:30-12:30

Three of Cork’s finest are down at The Roundy Friday night. Yenkee’s a lo-fi mix of Jungle with a pinch of Portugal The Man. Meghan Murray’s three singles down, and each one’s an R&B tune. Ghostking Is Dead is weird and you will love it. The three of them on the same bill? For free? Absolute no-brainer. The gig also serves as a launch for Yenkee’s new EP Cannibal Trees, which is chill as all get out and well worth the price.

More info on the Facebook events page,

(Photo Credit: Fergal Hennessy)




Cyprus Avenue, 7:30pm

The North’s most popular hip-hop act come to Cyprus Avenue this weekend. The controversial rap duo’s had a banner year: They’ve played EP, sold out The Academy, released two damn fine singles and have been publicly denounced by both UCD and the DUP. The band raps hard in Gaeilge and English. Expect to be yelling “tiocfaidh ár lá” at the top of your lungs by the end of the night.

Tickets for €15. More info on the Facebook page,

(Photo Credit: Vanessa Ifediora)



Eva Clague

Clonakilty Guitar Festival, 9pm

Eve Clague’s bringing her jazz-influenced folk songs home to Clon this weekend for the Clonakilty Guitar Festival. Her debut EP Young Naive Me was a great showcase for Clague’s crystal-clear voice and story-driven songwriting. Venue TBA, but it looks to be a free gig. Perfect for those looking for a more laid back style of music this weekend.

More info, including venue, TBA at

(Photo Credit: Simon Curran)



















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