The Return of Rick and Morty Season 3

By Isobel Creedon

Adult Swim – home of not-suitable-for-kids animation Rick and Morty – certainly likes to make its viewers wait. With the last episode of Season 2 airing in 2015, fans of the show were soon learning (or hoping) that patience is a virtue, good things do come to those who wait, and similar adages that make people feel better when they’re not getting what they want.

Then, all of a sudden, Adult Swim spring it on us: Episode One of Season 3, April Fool’s Day 2017. One could be forgiven for thinking the joke was that the episode wasn’t really released – it was. The joke was that that was a teaser, and fans were back to playing the waiting game for the full series release. That day has come, and it has brought with it mature, adult themes you can recognise and then choose not to apply to your own life because Rick and Morty is as darkly funny and ridiculous as ever.


‘Pickle Rick’ is a great example of what the show does brilliantly. Somehow, Rick turning himself into a pickle and not turning up to family therapy until the last second – as a pickle/rat hybrid – actually ends up being the catalyst that begins to heal wounds and help them understand why they are as unbelievably dysfunctional as they are.

However, just because you understand something doesn’t mean you’re going to change, which makes it seems as though it will be business as usual for the remaining episodes of Rick and Morty Season 3, meaning you can return to laughing when you know you shouldn’t and continuing to ignore those adult issues.