Something that has always amazed me is that, to this day, the fantastic work young people do is often discounted. The ability of younger generations today to inspire real social change on a mass scale is often overlooked. For many in Ireland, the youth voice was thought to be a far-off cry, a whimper in the dark, which certainly was never the case, as recent events have shown.


As I write this, my penultimate editorial during my time as Editor, we are on the cusp of a complete re-invention of the political landscape of our nation. Throughout the recent election, one thing that was consistently clear was the fact that people were fed up with the status quo, that they wanted to see real change and a move away from the past. I found it immensely inspiring seeing people out on the streets fighting for a more equal society that places social justice at the heart of everything.

Amongst those fighting for a “New Ireland” were many people from the younger generation, including a large number of students from our very own student community here in UCC. To have the conviction to fight for a cause and for your beliefs is something that should be celebrated. Whatever your political persuasion, it’s important to use your voice, and that is exactly what people have done. As Bob Dylan said, “Don’t speak too soon for the wheel’s still in spin… for the times they are a-changin,’” which I think perfectly encapsulates this exciting period for Ireland as a nation as we look towards the future.

It’s also an exciting time to witness the absolute talent of our students here in UCC. Every month as I’m writing my editorial, I like to take a moment to praise those involved in student media, whether that be as a writer, editor, designer or even a reader, as they all play an important part in helping us to deliver the best quality publication we can.

Without fail, each month when I sign off on the magazine, I find myself thinking, “there’s no way we can top this,” and I’m always proven wrong. The student body here in UCC is made up of so many talented people from all different persuasions and backgrounds, who all have had different experiences in life, and that really comes across in their work. One of the best parts of my job is getting to read each and every one of those articles, and helping writers to take their first steps into the world of media, to have their voices and ideas heard.

What I can say about this issue is that the content has only grown stronger, and it has been proven to me that even after I am long gone, with my degree in one hand and my copy of Motley in the other, the student media community here in UCC will continue to grow from strength to strength, and I cannot wait to see that happen.


Thank you to everyone who reads or contributes to Motley – you really do make this not just my publication or the team’s publication but a publication for everybody. As always if you would like to reach out or ask me a question about getting involved in student media, my email is and our office on the ground floor of The Hub is always open to you. Until then, stay tuned as we go out with a bang with our final issue next month.

Dan Webb

Motley Magazine



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