Things To Do Before You ACTUALLY Have Things To Do | Grace Sullivan

I’ll admit it: I over-think everything, over analyse every situation, seriously I’m like my very own Jeremy Kyle Show. However, it isn’t all bad; I’ve recently decided One Direction were actually on to something with the whole Live While We’re Young lark. *cringe*

Picture where you are right now: the ORB blue squares, Starbucks coffee in hand no less? Or perhaps you’re in the back row of Boole 3, semi-conscious, without a care in the world? Now where do you think you’ll be in 10 years time? You can be almost 99.9% sure it won’t be in the aforementioned places. You could be trying to pay your bills, mind your children, cook a family dinner and kiss up to an arrogant employer. YES, this will all be going on at the same time. What’s my point? Well, I think we could all do with leaving the current jobs situation, unemployment rate etc. at the UCC gates and try to do a bit of living, before living becomes surviving. If you follow the guidelines below, we’ll be well on our way to going in One Direction (last cheesy reference, I … promise).


1. The main thing to do is learn to cook

 I don’t mean perfect the art of carbs on carbs, on carbs, topped with carbs, but an actual balanced meal. Maybe buy a cookbook, or at the very least Google the basics. It won’t kill you, but the excessive amounts of cereal and semi-stale milk just might. In the future, your takeaways will become very expensive when you’re trying to feed a whole house on them and not just yourself. Just remember there’s a long road ahead of us all, with at least three meals a day!


2. Travel

Just travel. Somewhere. Anywhere. See something other than your college room and the ceiling of the library. I’m not saying you need to spend every penny in the Absolute bottle you have on your desk, but make a plan. Hire a bike and fuel your travels with a million Granola bars, and hop on the bus or take a friend with full driving license – be resourceful. Go to Mahon for the day, like. Get out there and try something different. You could very well end up considering your weekly trip to Lidl as travelling, when you’ve got your commitments!


3. Get super crazy madly fit

‘Ugh, put those abs away, they’re too perfect.’ said no woman EVER! Go on, grab your runners, and go for a run. Take a class in the gym; they’re free with your student card (who knows – you might meet a fit fun Facebook friend out of it)! You will not regret it. In years to come it won’t be that easy, the aul knees will give up and putting on your socks will become a challenge!


4. Vegas, baby!

Okay, well, as this isn’t 90210 or The OC, it may be a bit of a stretch. However, there are always ways and means. Come on, buy a deck of cards, gather up the friends and play poker in your filthy college find-a-space-to-sit!-ting room. It may not have the appeal of Vegas but at least the only thing you could lose is your dignity, and not your life savings!


5. Take a Me Day.

Go on, do it! Just spend the day doing things you love! Buy a ridiculously overpriced coffee and just sit. Be still! In the future, the only peace you’ll get will be while you’re commuting from home to work. Sad, but oh so very true! Hide from the world for 24 hours, and turn off your phone – trust me, it’s the best! Watch Friends all day eating pizza if that’s your thing. You’ll spend your whole life checking in – and not in the cool, ‘OMG J1 2013,’ way on Facebook, but rather in the ‘yeah, I’m at the self-service checkout in Tesco, and they didn’t have the Fairy Liquid you like.’ Just give yourself some time to indulge yourself and let what seems important (but isn’t really) take a backbench for a while.


I suppose I could go on and on all day suggesting things to do, but I think you know what is best for you. That thing you’ve been putting off? The time to do it has come. Whether it’s travelling, cooking or learning to pole dance, go on give it a go, time and tide wait for no man, and, of course, YOLO!