Trendy or Tacky? | Grace Sullivan

If you missed the A/W catwalk shows, there’s no need to worry, here are the trends that seem to be making waves from Big Ben to the Big Smoke. Perhaps none of us have a budget suited to Sex and the City when it comes to shopping, so here’s my advice on what trends to adopt and which ones to avoid.


Grace 2

This colour has had more comebacks then Peter André over the past few years and like the ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer, it too failed miserably every time. Last season it made a huge impact on the skinny jeans world *shudder*, but this is risky business to say the least – namely due to the fact that:

  1. Unless you live in a waterproof bubble, you’ll never keep it clean.
  2. Mint is not the most flattering of colours on most shapes an sizes.
  3. It matches with NOTHING that you’ll already have in your wardrobe, so an outfit will set you back an awful lot more then you may have first anticipated!

My advice is pretty simple for this Maritime trend:

  1. If you’re dead set on investing, buy some really good washing detergent too.
  2. Unless you are a Tic Tac or prepared to only wear them when it’s dark (i.e. After Eight), please avoid.


What does this mean for mint? It probably (hopefully) won’t last – it didn’t make a huge impact last season or the season before – but if you’re willing to only take them out for a couple of wears each time it makes a fleeting reappearance, go forth!


Grace 3

This little gem has been with us for a couple of seasons now and it seems it’s not going anywhere in a hurry. Chanel-inspired and somewhat practical, what could go wrong?

  1. There are so many available in such a wide variety of colours, it is hard to know which one to choose.
  2. Perhaps not the most flattering for those with a large chest, as the cropped style will only add more bulk.
  3. Do you invest in an iconic piece or just go with the bargain rail versions?

My advice is very simple to buckle-down the boucle trend:

  1. If you’re looking to save a Euro (like most of us are) but want to remain stylish, why not buy a neutral colour? Simply adding a brooch or chunky collar can rework jackets. (If Eddie Hobbs did fashion advice that would surely be his number one tip!)
  2. If you’re worried about adding too much bulk, why not try the boucle over sheer fabrics? Not only will you get to show off your Jessica Rabbit figure but also stay well on trend!
  3. Chanel Couture is much more of a dream then a really for most of us at this stage, however Topshop and River Island provide a little luxury on the high street. Don’t get me wrong, Penneys and other shops have great pieces too, so your budget is really up to you.

It’s clear the boucle is one to take note of because it’s sticking around, and a stylish jacket is harder to find then a seat in Coffee Dock at lunchtime.

Pointy Heels

Grace 4

At first this trend can be a little bit daunting – many fashionable celebrities including Miranda Kerr and Rihanna champion it, so what could go wrong?

  1. You are treading a fine line between looking on-trend and like Madonna in the 80s.
  2. The pointy heel shoe seems to be one of those fashion pieces that was probably always around – due to a bunch of middle aged women keeping the white pointed stiletto alive.
  3. They can look a little teenage disco when teamed with the wrong outfit – namely ra-ra skirts, vest tops and, God forbid, a pearl necklace knotted around your neck.

I am a big fan of this trend and if you follow this simple advice you too could be the Miranda Kerr of UCC:

  1. As long as you don’t sport a perm whilst rocking your pointy heels, and sing, ‘Like a Virgin’, I don’t think people will mistake you for Madge.
  2. Avoid buying them in white; perhaps consider a neutral or metallic colour – much more edgy and much less Miami Vice.
  3. Cigarette pants are the way to wear this trend. Metallic shoe teamed with a patterned cigarette pant and a sheer shirt could be the beginning of a beautiful fashion revamp.

There it is folks – a little slice of the fashion world that won’t break the bank if you’re clever, and break your heart when you look back at old pictures in years to come.