You all asked, and we listened: Eilís Cooney takes us on a trip around UCC’s favourite facilities. Ed note: this piece nor its author is in no way affiliated with the Instagram account @anotherdirtytoilet or its admin. In fact, this has been in my inbox since September, only Eilís provided us with too much information to contain in one article, and we’ve been editing ever since. 


This article is based off of my extremely viral tweet (this image has not been tampered with at all).



Do you have a favourite UCC toilet? Do you make a special trip to that specific toilet? Toilets are a very important aspect of the campus, as you definitely use them during your time in college.


  1. The Western Gateway Building toilets

STEM students have everything, including campus’ nicest toilets. I believe that is down to the true beauty and care that was put into creating those bathrooms. They are well-lit, they have huge mirrors and straining the spuds there just makes everything feel okay again.

2. Our official number 2 (excuse the pun) is The Student Centre, specifically the bathrooms on the second floor.

Like the WGB, it’s well-lit, there’s countless toilets, and I’ve never had to wait to take a leak, unlike the quite small and crowded toilets downstairs. They’re well-designed, there’s loads of mirrors and people always seem up for a chat in there? Many friendships have been formed in those bathrooms and that’s why they deserve second place.

3. The Aula Maxima

Nice toilets, never really that busy. Kinda old fashioned but I appreciate that. The green and peach reminds is an odd combination but it’s something your granny would appreciate. It has a handy socket outside the door, which makes absolutely zero sense, but I love it. 

4. Boole Library

These toilets are always quite packed and you may have to wait to use them but they’re usually quite clean and I appreciate that. They also have very interesting graffiti, there’s something so wholesome and communal about it. 

5. ORB

The ORB is one confusing building, but I actually quite like the toilets. They’re a portal into a different dimension, there’s no indication of an outside world when you enter them. They are usually VERY hot as well, but why?  Maybe it’s the hand driers, maybe it’s the whole portal to a different dimension thing, who knows? 

They also contain a lovely sign reminding you to wash your hands, which is extremely helpful for those who forget.

6. Main/Mini Rest

Nice enough, you do have to walk upstairs to get to them though, which I’m not a fan of. The blue walls and green tiles really make the place special. It can often be unclean, but I guess it depends on what they’re serving in Main Rest that day, sometimes that beef curry can just be too much for people.


7. Boole Basement

These toilets are ALWAYS FULL, even in the middle of a lecture. They get the job done but they don’t provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere to strain the spuds because there’s definitely one billion people outside your stall waiting. 

8. SU Common Room

It’s a bathroom that I didn’t even know existed until starting this project. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of it, but maybe some people are? 


  1. The Mud Hut

Let’s be honest here, I would rather go to the toilet here than the Kane Building.

  1. The Kane Building

They originally forgot to put toilets in this building, so they stuck them in the basement. The fact that it won architecture awards BAFFLES me. I’m 100% the Kane’s biggest hater and that’s perfectly okay with me. I did not include a picture because I did not want to insult your eyes like that.


Thank you for taking the time out to read this, I hope you enjoyed. If you disagree with me on any aspect of this article please feel free to contact me.