Is Vanity Vague?

Fashion & Beauty Editor Laurence Keating talks to Cork’s newest Modelling Agency about what beauty needs to them.

The cork fashion scene has been blossoming over the last few years, in no small part due to the tireless efforts and dedication of the, now, major players. This month marks what is gearing up to be an amazing Cork Fashion Week as well as the Huguenot Quarter Party on October 17th not to mention the launch of a brand new model agency, Vanity Vague.

The brain child of Laura Kenneally and Charlotte Armstrong, Vanity Vague aims to offer the first professional alternative model agency in the country. While the co-founders are quick to stress that “alternative” is merely a state of mind, they strive to source models with a distinctive look and attitude. “We’re looking to work with men and women with a strong sense of style, self and confidence. While the standard of models available in the country at the moment is second to none, we’ve recognised that there was a gap in the market for people with tattoos, piercings and even just “unusually” coloured hair, but at the same time major international companies are using exactly these kinds of models more and more in their campaigns” says co-founder Kenneally. A cursory glance at Vanity Vague’s roster reveals an incredibly diverse collection of models, yet one is struck by the professionalism and scope the company already has on offer. Armstrong adds “While both of us have an interest and involvement in tattoo culture, Laura has a background in styling and merchandising and I’ve been working in makeup for a long time now so this really has become a natural progression and a labour of love, so to speak, for both of us”, Kenneally states.

The agencies name stems from a conversation the co- founders had regarding beauty and it’s connotations “It basically came from a conversation we were having about beauty and vanity and about how they are both so vague nowadays; no one thing can really define beauty, so the idea of a kind of vague vanity became really intriguing.

Top on the list of this promising concept is nurturing new talent while pushing the boundaries of what modelling in Ireland is today, thrilled with the models they have signed currently, the agency seeks to build upon their exciting beginning with a “Quality not Quantity” approach. “It’s really about fostering and promoting confidence in people, whether that be with our fantastic models or, hopefully, the people we can reach through our work,” Kenneally adds.

To celebrate the company, a launch night has been planned for November 30th and is shaping up to be an amazing event by all accounts. To keep up to date with this and all Vanity Vague events, and if you are interested in modelling for Vanity Vague, you can get in contact with Laura and Charlotte via their Facebook page Vanity Vague Model Agency

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