Welcome Back, Old Friends

Kate Dennison gives a quick recap on some of our favourite shows before they hit our screens again.

Oh October, beautiful autumn, with the leaves falling off the trees, and the sunlight fading, and our favourite TV shows finally back on the air! And may I just say, on behalf of all man/womankind – thank God. While pre-teens are boxing up their crayons and secondary school students are packing their ink and quills (that’s what they use, right?), the cool college kids with access to the internet are in the process of, completely legally, downloading episode one of whatever season their current favourite shows are on. I don’t know about you guys, but my list of programs to catch up on is embarrassingly long.

Firstly, and most importantly, the Gleeks are back! It felt like all the cool people were leaving last season, but, luckily, we still get to follow a few of them (mainly Rachel) living it up in New York, adding a much needed level of glamour to the whole proceedings.

Then there’s Grey’s Anatomy. Things are getting pretty serious at Seattle Grey. After the totally realistic plane crash and survival in the forest story- line of last season, we are right back into hospital drama at the beginning of this one. People are crying a lot, having hand spasms, and unplugging ventilators all over the place! There are a few tear-jerking moments like spoiler alert) when Lexi comes back from the dead and turns Meredith into a zombie resulting in widespread chaos and a lot of patients having their brains eaten… Okay, you’ve caught me out, that hasn’t happened… yet. What a twist that would be though, right?!

It’s not technically back yet, but with NBC announcing a delay in its re- turn, cult fans of Community are waiting with bated breath for the new season to start. Rumour has it (thank you Adele, now I can’t get that song out of my head), that Little Britain star Matt Lucas will be making a guest appearance as Abed’s new friend. As exciting as it is to have such a high- calibre comedian and actor in the show, if the Troy and Abed dynamic is ruined then who will host the ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning Show’?! Is Matt going to usurp Troy and play Constable Reggie to Abed’s Inspector Spacetime? I, for one, am worried.

Anyone who missed the quirky Jess over the summer will be happy to see her moonwalk backwards onto our screens. New Girl has returned, and so far it’s pretty similar to the first season. A bit of ‘Nick and Jess; will they get together?’, several mentions of Smiddy’s penis, and a lot of laugh out loud moments. Watch her try to be a shots girl using her many male showbiz impersonations and a lot of obvious winking, laugh with her as she makes a teeny-tiny top hat fashionable, and cry with her as she struggles to find a new career path.

And finally, How I Met Your Mother. As the potentially last season, will we finally find out who this ‘mother’ is? To be honest, I’m kind of be- yond caring at this point. The reasons for watching this show are the hilarious stories Barney tells to get girls, Marshall’s awesome one-lin- ers, and all the random celebrity guests (James Van Der Beek, Britney Spears and Katy Perry to name a few). Will Ted ever find a wife and have two kids, one girl and one boy? No one knows. It is a complete mystery.