Welcome (back) to University!

Arts Rep, Amy Poland, follows up on her September survival guide with a few tips and tricks to get you through semester two.  

Holidays are officially over and if you’re coming back to (or newly-joining us for) the grind of college work and deadlines this second semester, then this article — where I’ll share some tips and points of information that I think you should know starting back — is exactly for you, with everything from exam results to how to achieve that ‘golden week’ (I know, “impossible”, but hear me out).


Even with the stress of doing exams long behind us (ssh, we won’t worry about summer exams for the moment), another stressful time is on the horizon: the results. But when exactly are these? Look no further than these neatly organized dates (all correct at the time, according to the UCC website!):

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  • College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences: Tuesday, 6 February at 10.30am
  • College of Medicine and Health: Wednesday, 7 February at 10.30am
  • College of Business and Law: Thursday, 8 February at 10.30am
  • College of Science, Food Science and Engineering: Friday, 9 February at 10.30am
  1. The Next Step

There are three different steps that you can take in response to your results, all depending on your reaction to them:

  • You celebrate. Congratulations, you passed and you’re happy with your results! This is the best-case scenario. Go have a bit of fun, you’ve earned it.
  • You have your exams rechecked. If you suspect you did better than your results reflect, you have the chance to apply for a recheck within three weeks of the posting of those results. In this case, you should formally request, in writing, the Registrar and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. More information is available on the examination section of the UCC website.
  • You re-sit your exams or repeat a module. For those who find themselves in this situation, more information, relevant to your specific exam or module, will be made available after your results have been released.  

If you have any queries about this, you can contact your department or the Education Officer on the Students Union at education@uccsu.ie.

Getting Involved

Maybe you’re an International Student, or maybe you’re one of those who feel more motivated to try new things in the second semester. Whatever your situation is, this semester can still be your time to shine. By the time you get this issue of Motley, the second Clubs and Societies Day (on the 16th of January) will be done and dusted. However, it’s not too late to sign up to either societies or clubs, or to contribute to student media!

All of their emails, along with various social media accounts, are available online — send on your student number and consider yourself in the loop!

Additionally, keep an eye out for announcements for AGMs, where you can run for a position on any club or society and be involved in something for the upcoming academic year. Simples! If you’re passionate about shaping student life, you may even consider running for a position on the Student Union. Elections are fast approaching, so get those campaigns in the works! Students in the College of Arts might like to consider getting involved in Arts Week, which runs on the week of the 29th January. We’ll be accepting submissions of poetry, paintings, short stories and films until the 25th of January, and those chosen will be showcased in the Glucksman Gallery for the duration of the week. Keep an eye on social media, or email myself at artsrep@ucc.ie!

The Golden Week

We’ve all heard about the illustrious “Golden Week”: the week in which you make every single one of your lectures and feel like a productive member of society. If you’re an individual who achieves this on a regular basis, move along, there’s nothing more I can teach you. If not, stay tuned for the harrowing truth: the trick to a Golden Week is entirely dependent on the kind of student you are and what it is that motivates you — there’s no hard and fast rule. You may need to organise something nice for yourself at the end of the week to keep you motivated, or promise to treat yourself to a Starbucks after every 9am lecture. The only constant is to keep in mind that it’ll be all worth it when you finish.

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The Main Priority

It’s important to keep in mind that your main priority throughout the year is you and your wellbeing. There’s absolutely no point in slaving away at college work if you’re not up to the job. If that means taking supplements, going to the doctor, taking time out for yourself, or asking for help — then so be it. There are plenty of helpful services within the college that will help you on your way. The Student Health Doctor (situated just across the road from the UCC gates on College Road) provides free consultations and STI screenings. Services such as contraception consultations, eye tests and vaccines are offered at a discounted price. A word of warning, however, is that because the service is free, the waiting room does tend to be full. So, either try to make an appointment in advance, or be prepared to wait a little while. A counselling service is also offered to students for free, and you can contact them by email at counselling@ucc.ie or phone (021) 490 3565. The student counselling page of UCC.ie also provides a list of alternative ways to get what you need. This year’s Student Union Welfare Officer, Kelly Coyle, can also be contacted at welfare@uccsu.ie. As always, you and your health come first!

That’s it for my tips and advice for the second semester. If you feel that there’s something that I didn’t cover, or questions that you need answered, feel free to contact myself or any other member of the Students Union. Here’s a handy little list to wrap up:

Part time officers:

  • Amy Poland (yours truly), College Rep for Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences (artsrep@uccsu.ie)
  • Ronan Carey, College Rep for Science, Engineering and Food Science (sefs@uccsu.ie)
  • Laura Mitchell, College Rep for Medicine and Health (medandhealthrep@uccsu.ie)
  • Kayleigh O’Sullivan, College Rep for Business and Law (blrep@uccsu.ie)
  • Niamh O’Reilly, Equality Officer (equality@uccsu.ie)
  • Faye Murphy, Irish Officer (irish@uccsu.ie)
  • Aaron Frahill, Council Chair (councilchair@uccsu.ie)

Sabbatical officers:

Clubs and Societies:

Gráinne Ní Riain, President of UCC Clubs (president@uccclubs.ie)