The series returns with its second season on October 11

By Aoife Hegarty

When “Riverdale” first appeared on our screens in January 2017, it became an instant hit. The series is based on characters from the extremely popular Archie comics. Critics raved about the coming-of-age story/murder mystery and praised the performances of its young cast. Season One focuses on the murder of Jason Blossom and the ramifications the murder has, not just on the characters, but also on the small town of Riverdale and its many secrets.

With the murder mystery aspect of the storyline resolved, the finale of season one ends on a massive cliff-hanger, one which will play a big role in Archie’s character arc for Season Two as his character becomes much darker..

One thing we do know about the upcoming season is that Betty will be heavily involved in the main plot. Actor Lili Reinhart had this to say in an interview with Comic Book;

“Betty gets wrapped up in something that she never asked to be wrapped up in and this kind, sweet, gentle person is pushed to her limit.”

So, what exactly is it that Betty will be “wrapped up in”? A guess is that it has something to do with Jughead and “the Serpents”, as when we last saw Jughead he had just been given his own “Serpent” jacket. The look of admiration and pride on his face when wearing it seemed to make Betty uneasy. Will Jughead fall in with the Serpents? If so, could he inadvertently put Betty in danger?

The show’s second season will always see the introduction of Veronica’s dad, Hiram Lodge. The ramifications of Cheryl Blossom’s torching of the Blossom estate should also give us some juicy drama. Overall, the stage is set for a promising second season of Riverdale.


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