‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’ to Valentine’s Day? | Grace Sullivan

For those of us that are not in a serious and loving relationship, February the 14th can be a tad awkward. It’s around now that the shops are filled with all things red and fluffy – cards, teddies, and even handcuffs (depending on where you shop). All couples seem to be extremely loved-up and, of course, they’re publicly displaying it. I may seem a touch cynical, jealous, or whatever you want to call it, but I can assure you that I 100% am. Yes, I want to be able to head off out on Thursday and not feel awkward when my dinner for two involves an elasticated waistband and me. Surely there’s more to Valentine’s Day then watching Ryan Gosling movies in bed? Here’s my how to do Valentine’s Day, the single way.

Read a book


You may think I’ve taken my single status to a whole new level of pathetic, but have you heard of Fifty Shades of Grey?I think Tesco should do some form of deal on this book with ice cream and red wine for Valentines. There would be a riot! I can see the masses of single ladies queuing up for this offer now, with their loyalty fob in one hand and a Channing Tatum 2013 Calendar in the other.

Go out for dinner


You may be somewhat dubious when it comes to going out for dinner, but why go alone? Surely it would be good to gather up all your single friends – both male and female – and head off for your very own I’ll-be-my-own-Valentine-thanks meal? Perhaps you could meet a potential suitor there? At least in a group it’ll be less pitiful to scoff at happy couples.

Internet dating


For those of you who sneer at Internet dating, studies have shown that there’s been a marked increase in reformed ‘online-dater-haters’ in recent years. It seems that a decent profile picture could save you hours of preening and primping every Thursday night in order to meet a match. This makes me question if online memberships surge on February 15th. I also wonder how many profiles are fueled with gin, Häagen-Dazs and a tinge of post Valentine’s Day desperation.

Buy yourself the gift


It’s so frustrating to hear people say ‘oh, I would if I’d someone to wear it for’ or ‘why would I bother?’ etc. Ah, hello! If you want to buy yourself overpriced matching underwear sets, go and get them! If you want to spend all your money on a new hair cut, go forth! The problem is – or so it seems to me – that people don’t do things to make themselves happy. This is why everyone should buy a Valentine’s gift for the number one person in their lives – THEMSELVES. You may be a bit dubious, but who doesn’t love a reason to treat themselves? Here are some of my personal favourites:


  • Underwear: Who doesn’t love brand new underwear? So what if no one else gets to see it? You know it’s there, and if it makes you smile, then well and good.
  • Alcohol: I’m not condoning copious amounts of tequila to forget your relationship woes, but a nice glass of wine whilst whining about your most recent better half is okay, surely?
  • Cake: I don’t even need to explain this little gem. Anything that has icy sugar, melted chocolate or a cream layer is going to make you happy! Maybe a cupcake would be a safer bet than a whole cake, because, well, nobody has that kind of self-control when it comes to double chocolate!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be for couples, but rather for anyone that likes to go out and have a good time. Who cares if you’re the only one of your friends without a better half?  Being single is okay these days – you’re not a carton of milk; you don’t have an expiry date. In today’s society there’s so much to give out about, so why would you want another thing to add to the list?