Cork Opera House

Your Very Own Entertainment Travel Guide!

Tamara Malone gives a helpful guide on where to find the best entertainment hotspots in the city.

Hello freshers, and welcome to UCC! It’s a pretty fair guarantee that you’ll have an incredible few years in which a lot of your tastes and hobbies will change and fluctuate. Whatever it is that you’re into, it’s always a good thing to have a good knowledge of Cork, the places to go to and things to see.

Cork Opera House
Cork Opera House

In terms of music, Cyprus Avenue is always a pretty good bet. Located above the Old Oak on Oliver Plunkett St., the venue tends to host some pretty great acts including, over the next few months, Gemma Hayes and Wallis Bird. An Cruíscín Lán, located on Douglas St. is also a fantastic alternative venue. The Pavilion on Carey’s Lane, heading towards Paul St., is a relaxed, fun place to eat and hang out (and ever-so-slightly hipster, if that’s what you’re into), and at night can give a stage to acts such as The Fall. Fred Zeppelin’s, on Parliament St., is geared towards the more alternative among us. For live music, Triskel also has a venue, the impressively renovated Christchurch alongside, and located on South Main St. Performances here are usually beautiful and atmospheric in the environment of this historic building. If money is less of an issue than is normally the case with many students, Cork Opera House and the nearby Half-Moon Theatre are great places to go to too!

If film is your poison, the Gate Cinema on North Main Street will be showing all new releases from the crazy world of Hollywood. Additionally, Triskel Arts Centre on Tobin St. tends to feature films which originate more from indie directors, and their Twisted Celluloid events, occurring every month, show a fun selection of cult classics (Jaws was a recent one!). There are hints that in the future there will also be screenings targeted specifically at students, with a free or reduced entry with student cards. Stay tuned!

The Glucksman

Theatre is a highly valued and important industry in Cork and the success of the Opera House, which usually stages one major performance around Christmas time (sometimes a pantomime), pays testament to that. An interpretation of Romeo and Juliet will be performed there in October. The Half Moon Theatre, located less than a stone’s throw away, is owned just around the corner from the Opera House and shares with it in showcasing some of the most successful and acclaimed bands, performers and comedians both in Ireland and abroad. The Everyman Palace on McCurtain St., with its beautiful foyer reminiscent of theatres during the Victorian period, is an adventure in spectatorship, and over the coming months it will feature performances such as that of Ulysses and The Importance of Being Earnest. The Granary on Mardyke St. will showcase the performances of our very own Dramat, and one advantage of going to a play in this venue is that they normally have the low level of student funds in mind.

If good art, both new and old, is what you’re looking for, you are lucky because UCC campus itself is home to the Glucksman Gallery. The Crawford Art Gallery is located right beside the Cork Opera House and conveniently near the high street stores on Opera Lane (for those who like to mix their art with their shopping). The Crawford contains a range of classical sculptures and paintings dating to the seventeenth century. The exhibition rooms, however, constantly change and fluctuate with each new season, showing a range of up-and-coming artists.

Cyprus Avenue

If ever stuck for something to do, a safe bet is to check Whazon. com, which will prove a handy guide to everything going on in the city on a monthly basis. Whazon leaflets can also be found in various places around town.